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SAS Overview
Study with American students!
Experience American university life!

Program Overview
We offer international students the opportunity to enroll in one or two semesters of full-time undergraduate study at San Jose State University without having to submit a formal application to the university. Students may NOT enroll in Graduate Business courses.

Program Features
Through our Semester at SJSU (SAS) Program, students may

  • enroll in 12 units of undergraduate level SJSU coursework
  • experience the expectations of American university classes
  • study in classes with regular SJSU professors and students
  • earn course credits that are posted to an official SJSU transcript
  • transfer earned course credits to other colleges or universities
Note: SAS students must register during the first week of class through the "Open University" system.  Enrollment in any specific SJSU course cannot be guaranteed.  An additional fee of $100 per unit will apply for each SJSU course.

Admission Requirements
To be eligible for the SAS program, at the time of application, students must submit evidence of having met the minimum English language proficiency requirement as follows:

English Proficiency Test Score
Internet Based TOEFL -  iBT        71
International English Language Testing System -  IELTS        6.0
Pearson Test of English -  PTE        68
Test of English for International Communication -  TOEIC        750
Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst - DAAD B/C
Common European Framework of Reference -  CEFR        B2
or  Equivalent

Students who have not yet acheived the minimum required English language proficiency test score should apply for the Academic and Test Preparation (ATP) Program to help prepare them for university courses in a later semester.

SAS Schedule

CourseLast day to check inStart dateEnd dateLength in wksBasic Tuition
Spring 2015January 9January 12May 1918 $5790
Fall 2015August 7August 10December 1718 $5790

How to Apply
For complete instructions on "How to Apply" please go to:

For More Information
Please e-mail your questions to
or see the SAS Tutorial at:
SAS Details
SAS Admission Requirements:
In order to be eligible for the SAS program, a student must have acheived a minimum English proficiency test score of 71 iBT, 6.0 IELTS, or equivalent before applying for the program.

Grade Report
SJSU courses are academic credit bearing.  Students will receive an offical SJSU transcript with course grades at the end of each semester.  These courses and grades are transferrable to other universites.

Certificate of Completion
Students who have achieved passing grades in all of their SJSU courses may request an SAS “Certificate of Completion” at the end of the semester.



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How can I prove that I am eligible for SAS?

Fax your official English language proficiency test score to: 408-924-2669 (Attn: Cassie P).
Your score will be reviewed and you will be advised as to whether you qualify for SAS.

If I want to be admitted to SJSU as an undergraduate in the future, is SAS a good option for me?

No. Your best course of action would be to take advanced English courses through the Academic and Test Preparation (ATP) Program in order to prepare yourself for the academic demands of university study.

If I am applying for admission to a graduate program at SJSU, may I take pre-requisite courses through SAS while waiting to be accepted to that program?

Yes.  Sudents may take upper division courses in the department to which they have applied.  These courses may help fulfill pre-requisite requirements or add to their general knowledge of the subject.  It’s important to contact the graduate advisor in your department in order to determine an appropriate study plan.  Learn more about various SJSU graduate programs at the Graduate Admissions website.


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How much does it cost to take SJSU courses through the SAS Program?

SJSU courses cost an additional $100 per unit for SAS students. For example, if a course is 3 units, the student needs to pay an additional $300.

SJSU Courses

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Will my SJSU credits appear on an official transcript and can I use those credits at SJSU or other universities?

Yes. You will receive an official San Jose State Un iverstiy transcript that indicates all of the coursework that you have enrolled in and completed at SJSU. You must check with specific colleges or universities to find whether they will accept your courses for transfer.


What courses can I take?

Some courses have pre-requisites which that may limit students' eligibility.  To get information about courses and their general availability:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on "Browse Catalogue." 
  3. Click on your department of interest
  4. Click on the course you want
  5. Review the course requirements
  6. Determine your eleigibility

If you are not sure about eligibility for a particulat course, discuss your concerns with the SAS program coordinator.

Can I drop a course if it becomes too hard for me?

Courses may be added or dropped ONLY within the add drop deadlines. Students with an F-1 visa are required by SEVIS regulations to be enrolled in a full-time course of study.  Students must maintain enrollment in a minimum of 12 units of undergraduate coursework in order to avoid having their student visa cancelled.  

Students may not reduce their course load below 12 units.  This is why they must consider courses carefully and make the right decision during the first weeks of SJSU classes.


I need to take specific SJSU classes to transfer back to my university. How can get those classes?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee that students can enroll in any specific course.  Enrollment requires permission from the professor. 

Students can increase their chances of getting into the courses they want by preparing in these ways:

  1. Research the course pre-requisites and have transcripts ready to prove you have satisfied them.
  2. Contact the professor of the course you are interested in and explain your situation and background. Many professors are eager to have international students who show enthusiasm for a subject in their classes because it creates diversity and adds a diferent perspective to the topic.  Contact information is available at:


International University Studies


Study in American Language


 International University Studies bridges language study and university courses. Enroll in SJSU courses along with English support workshops or prepare for an MBA program.

You'll need strong English skills to take full advantage of these great international experiences at SJSU.

Studies in American Language puts you in the right place to improve your English language skills quickly and easily. You'll be in small classes of international students while interacting with the campus and community to learn more about the culture.

Choose the program that meets your needs.

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