Academic and Test Preparation

ATP Overview
Intensive English study for students who plan to attend American college or university or who wish to improve their English language skills for professional or personal reasons.

  • Year round courses available in full semester (17 weeks) and half-term sessions (9 weeks)
  • 20 hours of instruction per week (part time study available for non F-1 visa students depending on type of visa)
  • Academic and immigration advising assistance
    Student activities and cultural learning opportunities
Choose the best term of study for you!

ATP Schedule

CourseLast day to check inStart dateEnd dateLength in wksBasic Tuition
Spring 2015January 9January 12May 1917 $5790
Spring 2015 Session 1January 9January 12March 139 $3590
Spring 2015 Session 2 and Summer 2015March 6March 9July 3117 $5790
Spring 2015 Session 2March 6March 9May 199 $3590
Summer 2015May 29June 1July 319 $3590
Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 Session 1May 29June 1October 917 $5790
Fall 2015 Session 1August 7August 10October 99 $3590
Fall 2015August 7August 10December 1117 $5790
Fall 2015 Session 2October 9October 12December 119 $3590
Fall 2015 Session 2 and Spring 2016 Session 1October 9October 12March 1117 $5790

ATP Details

Admission Requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older and a high school graduate

Course Details:

  • 8 levels of instruction
  • Most students take a combination of listening and speaking, writing, grammar, reading, and elective courses.
  • Courses meet 2 hours each day from Monday – Friday (most students are in class at least 4 hours/day)
  • Concurrent Enrollment: 1-2 courses at San Jose State University may be available to eligible advanced level students in addition to regular English courses in the ATP program

Beginning to High-Intermediate Students

Core Classes = 18 hoursOral Communication: Listening and Speaking Skills

  • Written Communication: writing, grammar, and editing skills
  • Oral Communication: speaking, listening, and notetaking skills
  • Reading Skills: reading , vocabulary, and discussing news events
  • Grammar:  grammar instruction for writing and speaking

Elective Course = 2 hours

Students select from a menu of elective course options.

Advanced Students

Choice of Core and Elective Courses = 20 hours

Core Course Options:

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • The Story of America (American History)
  • Critical Reasoning (Critical Thinking Skills)
  • Business English

Elective Course Options

  • Presentation Skills
  • TOEFL Skills
  • Pronunciation (Accent Reduction)

Grade Report

International Gateways courses are non-credit bearing. Students receive a progress report with course grades, writing test score, and TOEFL score at the end of each term. Our grading system is A, B, C, D, F.

Certificate of Completion

International Gateways students with passing grades (A, B, C, or D) receive a certificate of completion  at the end of the term.

SJSU Concurrent Enrollment

Study regular university couses through "Concurrent Enrollment!"

Program Overview
We offer our full-time advanced-level ATP students the opportunity to enroll in regular SJSU classes.

Program Features
Through the concurrent enrollment option full-time ATP students, in Level 650 or above, who have achieved a minimum 550 PBT score on the Gateways' Institutional TOEFL, may be eligible to enroll in one or two regular SJSU classes in addition to their English classes.  

Note: Enrollment in any specific SJSU course cannot be guaranteed.  An additional fee of $100 per unit will apply for each SJSU course.

Learn about the types of classes available at SJSU through the online SJSU catalog.  For more information, please contact the Academic Advisor.


ALL Gateways students are required to participate in "Orientation Week" in order to receive

important information on procedures and deadlines.




Before classes begin

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What happens when I check-in at the Gateways office? How long is the check-in process?

During check-in you will complete necessary paperwork, learn details about orientation week, have your photo taken, and meet with Gateways staff. You can ask questions about your courses, payment, insurance, and housing.  You will receive more specific information about check-in in your email, once you register.

What happens during orientation? I am required to attend all orientation activities?

Yes, it is required to attend all orientation week activities. Placement week consists of the following activities:

  • Placement Test:  You will complete a writing exam and a TOEFL test (PBT test). If you have taken a TOEFL test before and have a copy of your score, please bring it with you for check-in. After the placement test, the iGateways placement team will review your scores to determine the best course level for you.
  • ACCESS Workshop: This workshop will provide strategies for success in the iGateways program and in an American college. You will learn about the expectations of American teachers and methods teachers use to help you learn.
  • Campus Tour: San Jose State University students will take you on a tour of the campus. You will visit your classroom building, the library, the student union, the fitness center, and other points of interest.
  • Academic Orientation: You will receive your course schedule and required textbook list at academic orientation. You will also learn about important dates and events for your upcoming term of study.

During your study

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Where are my classes?

Gateways classrooms are in the International and Extended Studies building located at 384 S 2nd Street. 

What is the average class size?

The average course size is around 14 students.

Is there a computer lab? Will I have wireless access?

You will have access to the Gateways computer lab where you can use different software programs and print copies. You will also have wireless access for your laptop computer in the classroom building and anywhere on the SJSU campus.

Where can I eat and relax ?

The classroom building contains an indoor lounge with kitchen (refrigerator and microwaves) and an outdoor patio. There are many places on campus to eat and a student union with tables and chairs for relaxing. Our library has a lot of room to study and a cafe too.

How can I improve my speaking skills outside the classroom?

 Gateways offers opportunities to practice speaking outside the classroom:

  • Monday Mixers and Conversation Club: If you want more speaking practice, our Monday mixer events and conversation club offer  opportunities to discuss informal topics outside a formal speaking and listening course.  You can chat with friends during these times and improve your English
  • Language and Cultural Exchange Partners: If you would like a Conversation partner for practicing your English,  Gateways can help you find a partner who is a university student. You can meet with the student once a week and talk and get to know each other.
  • Activities and Social Events:  Gateways offers field trips, sports events and parties to help you have opportunities to speak with people and improve your English.
What types of student activities can I join?

Numerous cultural and fun activities are offered throughout the term. Activities include field trips, holiday celebrations, movie nights, and student parties. Click here for more information. Click here  for student activity photos.

At the end of your study

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Are there tests at the end of the term?

You will complete course exams and/or projects. In addition, you will complete a 30 minute timed writing test and have the option of taking a TOEFL test (pBT) to help you determine the progress of your English skills.

Do I receive a grade report at the end of the term?

International Gateways courses are non-credit bearing. Students receive a progress report with course grades, writing test score, and TOEFL score at the end of each term. Our grading system is A, B, C, D, F.

Do I receive a certificate at the end of the term?

At the end of each semester (or at the end of your last half-term of study), you will receive a certificate of achievement if you have completed your courses in a satisfactory manner.

International University Studies


Study in American Language


 International University Studies bridges language study and university courses. Enroll in SJSU courses along with English support workshops or prepare for an MBA program.

You'll need strong English skills to take full advantage of these great international experiences at SJSU.

Studies in American Language puts you in the right place to improve your English language skills quickly and easily. You'll be in small classes of international students while interacting with the campus and community to learn more about the culture.

Choose the program that meets your needs.

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