Academic Calendar

6 May 2014
Last Day of S2 100-650 Level Electives

8 May 2014
SWEET in WC Classes

9 May 2014
Last Day of S2 Advanced Electives

10 May 2014
IG Institutional TOEFL

14 May 2014
Special Review Schedule

Note: F-1 students must now provide proof of funds in the amount of U.S. $27,000 (minimum)

International University Studies


Study in American Language


 International University Studies bridges language study and university courses. Enroll in SJSU courses along with English support workshops or prepare for an MBA program.

You'll need strong English skills to take full advantage of these great international experiences at SJSU.

Studies in American Language puts you in the right place to improve your English language skills quickly and easily. You'll be in small classes of international students while interacting with the campus and community to learn more about the culture.

Choose the program that meets your needs.

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